In the year 1620 King Adan Quackson convened a conclave of his children, Princes Cain and Abel and the main members of the clergy to let them know his vision of the world.

He wanted a more egalitarian society, where "a duck is always a duck” regardless of the social stratum to which they belong. It was clear to him however that he no longe had the necessary strength to carry out that vision.

King Adan decided to take the next few days to choose his successor. In an attempt to achieve his father's approval and be the chosen one, Abel, who was a shepherd, offered him the firstborn of his flock.

Cain, jealous of his brother's actions, decided to visit his father in the castle and bring him wine, the fruit of his land. While tasting the wine, King Adan told him that he had met with the cleric to inform them that he had chosen Abel as his successor.

With tears in their eyes, King Adan and his son Cain embraced, emotionally hugging one another.

The next day King Adan was found dead, his heart having stopped beating only a few short minutes after Cain left the castle.

The day before the coronation, Abel received a visit from Josimar Duckinoff, a simple peasant smelling of the land he tills and feathers worn close to the quill. He arrived tired and desperately asked to speak with Abel.

Abel gives him the floor, as he listens his brows furrow and face becomes more flush with each word that falls upon his ears.

Surprised, he couldn't believe what Josimar was telling him, the betrayal of his own flesh and blood! When Abel managed to confirm the peasant's sayings, he ordered the Royal Army to go out in search of his brother Cain and all those who betrayed the crown.

Cain, angered and displeased with his late fathers choice, planned to raise a rebellion of about 700 ducks from the town and take the kingdom for himself by force.

Finally, the Royal Army found Cain and the rest of the traitors from town. Under King Abel's order they decided to send the traitors to the furnace, including his own brother Cain among them.

Before succumbing to the scorching flames, Cain swore to those who shouted and stood against him that he would return and take revenge.

Due to the gruesome method of execution chosen by Abel, the souls of Cain and the roughly 700 traitors were trapped in the underworld. It is here where they continue to torment the ducks and promise revenge.

Abel defied the request of his father King Adan whose vision was “a duck is always a duck”. Thus it became a society divided into social strata where royal traditions such as races and jousts were born and are still respected to this day.

It was a time plagued by several diseases such as Measles and Malaria, but there was one in particular that had the whole kingdom worried, the green plague!

With its epicenter in Duckshire, more and more ducks were getting infected and waking up with a resplendent bright green color all over their bodies.

After a while, and seeing that children also suffered from the disease, the King ordered Duckshire to be evacuated. The area was fenced off so that no one else would settle in the surroundings and thus prevent its spread.

It was a quiet spring in the pond when suddenly the worst happened… the firstborn of the ducks began to disappear…at first it was 1…then 5, eventually leading to hundreds. Cain had kept his promise. Chaos was beginning to take over the pond.

Some frightened ducks decided to leave the pond, this action reduced their chances of procreation by 50%, while others decided to go on vacation in search of peace of mind.

Amidst the chaos, King Abel decided to form the Royal Army to guard the pond and to be prepared in case of an invasion by demons from beyond.

To date, nothing is known about the stolen eggs, although some claim to have seen them on the black market.

During the winter of 1642, the scientist Duck Pascal received an assignment. He was tasked to develop a curious flying device and was given a letter that he had to hide inside the equipment.

Pascal created 3 devices that were used to travel wherever one wanted.

One morning the 3 took off for their respective destinations but one of them never arrived. The search was incessant but they could never find him. Some consider him dead and blame Cain for his disappearance, others claim that he communicates from beyond.

Due to this disappearance, the Royal Army arrested Duck Pascal who refuses to make any statements to this day.

Endless questions surround this still unsolved mystery.

Where is…? What happened…? Because the…? What did Pascal know? What did that letter contain?